November 9th TARC Auction

Please advise your members of the up coming Turlock Amateur Radio Club Auction November 9th… NO estates listed so far, I guess this is good… It does provide an opportunity for those who have been wanting to recycle existing equipment in the ham shack… We have a new influx of equipment to list, so keep checking the website for additions…  If as previous history indicates, several will show up with equipment having not listed on the web page…  Could be some real sleepers this time…  Come & have a great time…


de Grady K6IXA

CARS 2013 Election Results

Due to unopposed candidates in 2 positions and no candidates in 1 position, there is no need for elections this year. Here are the results:

President: Ken Sanders, AE6LA
Secretary: Steve Dexter, WT6SD
Public Information Officer: Not Filled (position remains open)

Also, Rob Sullivan, WB5FTF has agreed to fill the post of Repeater Committee Chairman.

Congratulations to all!

Repeater Update


from AE6LA

Rob Sullivan, WB5FTF; Tim Cody, KD6NRB; and I ventured  to Fowler Peak  Friday and got our new repeater installed.  I hear a  marked improvement in it’s over all performance and look for comments from the  members.  There is still quite a lot of work to be done but the  repeater function is all aligned and sounding great; the remote base and phone  patch levels are set and the system sounds better than it ever has.

Decisions need to be made about the old GE MASTR repeater/parts and  directions to take with the system on into the future.  So I look to a  lively Repeater Committee (Fowler Peak Repeater Group) Meeting at 5:30 November 14 with recommendations to the general meeting at 6:30.