VHF Packet

Yes, It’s Still Alive!

Of course, APRS has been and continues to be very popular in the Amateur Radio community, due in large part to its usefulness in emergency communications. But keyboard-to-keyboard packet is seeing a comeback in our area as well. Dig out your old TNC and check out the action on:

Look for nodes KTUO near Columbia, KOSO on Mt Oso and KBERR near Lake Berryessa. All have very good coverage. Also, please join a weekly packet net on this frequency Sundays at 20:00 local. NCS varies from week to week. This is an UNPROTO round table, so no connections are made. To set up your TNC for this round table, issue the following commands:
U name V KTUO,KOSO,WOODY,KBERR,KCORN (replace name with your first name)

After these two commands are issued, every time you hit the ENTER key, the text you typed will immediately be sent out. To exit converse mode, type:

Look for our node:N6FRG, alias FROG
AE6LA put up this node on Fowler Peak to tie in with a NorCal EmComm group.