N6FRG Repeater


This is the Fowler Peak Repeater Group Home Page.

The group was formed in 1984 with the move of our 2 meter repeater 
(145.17 MHz) from near Lake Don Pedro, to its present site at Fowler 
Peak, near Angels Camp, Ca. The Repeater Group was created using the 
talents of CARS members with varied interests in the operation of the 
equipment used by a repeater system, as well as setting policies as to 
how the repeater would be administered. The Calaveras Amateur Radio 
Society, Inc. (incorporated in __________ is the sponsoring group for 
the repeater, with several members being involved. The repeater is owned 
by Ken Sanders, AE6LA who is the chairperson for the Fowler Peak 
Repeater group. It was formerly owned and maintaained by Doug Hanson, 
WB6MFV, who now resides in Oregon.

Our Mission:

To operate a FIRST CLASS Amateur Radio Repeater for all amateur 
operators that can use the system. The N6FRG repeater is dedicated to 
the use of Emergency Communication needs over its entire coverage area.

Repeater Profile:

The initial WB6MFV repeater (now N6FRG) was on the air approximately two 
months after the 2-meter sub-band was opened for repeater operations. 
Its original location was on the water tower in Manteca, Ca., 
approximately 50 miles west of its present location. The repeater was 
moved to a site owned by the City of San Francisco about two years after 
it was first put on the air. The new site was at 2,600 ft., and the 
overall coverage was increased substantially. About 1-1/2 years later 
the repeater was moved to its present location on Fowler Peak above 
Angels Camp, and is currently at approximately a 3,000 foot elevation at 
the antenna. The site has a view that covers approximately 10,000 sq 
miles, line of site, from North of Fresno, Ca. to Sacramento, Ca. and 

Many user's comments from have stated that the repeater has great 
coverage, audio quality, and is known for its reliability. Many have 
used the remote base interfaces which connect the system to Reno, NV., 
Cochran, Ca., and cover the Bakersfield area as well.... IS THIS STILL 

Those who sponsor the repeater have been excellent with their support 
and dedication throughout the years. Although the Fowler site is not 
that easy to get to, many club members have been there and have actively 
worked to keep the site maintained and appealing to the eye.

The repeater actually runs off rechargeable batteries, which are kept 
charged through a floating charger. In the past, Greg Gran had done a 
great job of keeping the 25-year-old batteries going, but these have 
been replaced with newer sealed batteries, which  are maintained by 
several CARS club members.

updated: 1/30/2012
by: KI6ART