Museum Ships Weekend June 1-2

The Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club will again participate in  this year's
Museum Ships Weekend. June 1-2, 2013.  Our call sign, KK5W  will be credited
as a contact with both WW II Submarine USS Cavalla and  Destroyer Escort USS
Stewart.   representing the USS Cavalla and  USS Stewart.  Visit our web 
page for more information,  We will be operating from, 
Seawolf Park in  Galveston, Texas, NA-143.

WE will have four stations set up, two  located in the park, aboard the
Cavalla and  aboard the Stewart.   Weather permitting these stations will be
on the air continuously.   

We need operators.  Amateur radio operators in the Galveston -  Houston area
are cordially invited to participate. You can sign up on the  web page if 
you would like to operate KK5W during the event at Seawolf  Park.

Frequencies as follows:
7.260 MKHz
14.260 MHz  
21.360 MHz 
28.360 MHz

7.039 Mhz
14,039 MHz
21.039  KHz
28,039 KHz

Operation on OSCAR satellites is planned for daytime  passes on Saturday,
June 1.

KK5W will host two VHF Nets for  Houston-Galveston amateurs to contact the
local museum ships using the  WA5CYI repeater 146.94 (-) PL 167.9 on 
Saturday and Sunday from 11AM - 1 PM  Local time.  We are anticipating the USS Texas
(NA5DV), Elissa (N5E),  and the Grandcamp/High Flyer Memorial (AC0TX) will 
be on the net. 

A  balloon launch is scheduled for Saturday morning, APRS trackers will  use
N5BPS (the Cavalla's wartime call sign was NBPS).  

Once  again, we will be offering the Texas Navy Award. 

This year's Texas  Navy Fleet is expanded to include:
USS Cavalla and USS  Stewart  - KK5W
USS Texas - NA5DV
Tall  Ship Elissa - N5E
USS Lexington - W5LEX
SS  High Flyer and SS Grandcamp Memorial - AC0TX
National Museum  of the Pacific War - N5P 

For KK5W and AC0TX, one contact counts for  both ships. Provide evidence of
two way communication (log extract) with at  least four of the call signs
during MSWE 2013 to earn the 2013 Texas Navy  Certificate.  Work all six to
earn the coveted "Clean Sweep"  endorsement.

Ron, K5HM
Event  Coordinator

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