Section Report SJV Feb 2016

SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY SECTION Report for the month of February 2016: SM

STM K6RAU, PIC vacant, TC W6TE.

It is raining.  Long way from curbing the drought but we are filling up
the reservoirs, a little.  Best part is we are getting some snow! 
Obviously not time to work on those antennas, hi hi.

I've been visiting some clubs and ham radio DIY is being practiced. 
Alternative power, contesting both DX and local.  Fox Hunts are
prolific too.

A couple of areas are showing popularity.  One being Satellite and what
the future holds.  The other is digital, a broad genre that encompasses
many modes.  Some quite surprising.

Although Satellites have been around for awhile, the anticipation of a
geosynchronous satellite offers consistent communications.  Being new,
it requires all new protocol infrastructures.  The ground stations will
have some interesting capabilities, even in Emergency Communications. 
Check out the AMSAT Phase IV plans.  Find out when and where our
Section TC Dave, W6TE, will be talking on the subject.

This brings us to digital.  We have already experienced efficient
mufti-mode, PSK, JT and packet systems.  Now we can expand this with
“Mesh Networks” that can use dmr, digital TV and internet
connectivity on Micro Wave systems.  And they are affordable!  Look
into these and imagine what you will.  What fun and quite the idea of
advancing the art of amateur radio.  By the way, tell those video game
junkies about it and Ham Radio!

Remember to support “The Amateur Radio Parity Act”. Go to the link
on the ARRL website. 
We have to continue the support for this legislation.

Get into the year long National Parks on the air celebration also. 
Many Parks still need to be activated.  Make sure you check with the
Park officials before you go.


Dan Pruitt, AE6SX

NEWS: From ARRL newsletters.  Read complete articles from February to
02/12/2016 | Amateur Radio Parity Act Gets Favorable Subcommittee
02/12/2016 | “Ham TV” System Used for First Time During ARISS
Contact with UK School 
02/15/2016 | Presidential Signing Creates a New National Parks on the
Air Unit 
02/17/2016 | Japanese Satellites with Amateur Radio Payloads Launched 
02/17/2016 | Arkansas VHFer Claims “Mathematically Impossible” AO-7
Mode B Distance Record 
02/17/2016 | New Amateur Extra Question Pool Puts Greater Emphasis on
Digital, SDRs, Propagation
02/18/2016 | Article Profiles First African-American Radio Amateur,
Rufus Turner, W3LF 
02/19/2016 | AMSAT Seeks Volunteers to Support Phase 4 “Five and
Dime” Ground Terminal Effort 
02/22/2016 | First Solid-State Transmitter to Span the Atlantic Now
Part of ARRL Historical Collection 
02/22/2016 | Fox-1E (RadFxSat-2) Selected for Participation in NASA’s
CubeSat Launch Initiative 
02/23/2016 | FCC Invites Comments on ARRL Petition That Seeks 80/75
Meter Adjustments 
02/24/2016 | FCC Seeks Comments on Petition to Grant Lifetime Amateur
Radio Licenses 
02/25/2016 | “Frequency” TV Series Now Planned for CW Network 
02/25/2016 | Entire Popular Science Magazine Archive Now Available 
02/27/2016 | Vessel with Rich Ham History — the Bowdoin — Being
Refurbished for Further Exploring 
02/29/2016 | Winter 2016 Edition of Radio Waves Now Available 
02/29/2016 | ARRL Chief Operating Officer Harold Kramer, WJ1B, Retires
after 11 Years at Headquarters 
03/01/2016 | Armed Forces Day Communication Test to Include Direct
Military-Ham Contact on 60 Meters 
03/05/2016 | Elementary Schoolers’ CubeSat Ready to Deploy from ISS 


March 2016
+ AWA John Rollins DX TST  2300Z, Mar 9 to 2300Z, Mar 10 &  2300Z, Mar
12 to 2300Z, Mar 13
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint	0145Z-0215Z, Mar 11
+ Nauryz DX Contest	0800Z-1359Z, Mar 12
+ RSGB Commonwealth Contest	1000Z, Mar 12 to 1000Z, Mar 13
+ South America 10 Meter Contest	1200Z, Mar 12 to 1200Z, Mar 13
+ Oklahoma QSO Party	1400Z, Mar 12 to 0200Z, Mar 13 and 1400Z-2000Z,
Mar 13
+ Stew Perry Topband Challenge	1500Z, Mar 12 to 1500Z, Mar 13
+ EA PSK63 Contest	1600Z, Mar 12 to 1600Z, Mar 13
+ TESLA Memorial HF CW Contest	1800Z, Mar 12 to 0759Z, Mar 13
+ QCWA QSO Party	1800Z, Mar 12 to 1800Z, Mar 13
+ Idaho QSO Party	1900Z, Mar 12 to 1900Z, Mar 13
+ Wisconsin QSO Party	1800Z, Mar 13 to 0100Z, Mar 14
+ BARTG HF RTTY Contest	0200Z, Mar 19 to 0200Z, Mar 21
+ Russian DX Contest	1200Z, Mar 19 to 1200Z, Mar 20
+ F9AA Cup, SSB	1200Z, Mar 19 to 1200Z, Mar 20
+ Louisiana QSO Party	1400Z, Mar 19 to 0200Z, Mar 20
+ Virginia QSO Party	1400Z, Mar 19 to 0200Z, Mar 20 and 1200Z-2400Z,
Mar 20
+ Run for the Bacon QRP Contest	0100Z-0300Z, Mar 21
+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, SSB	2000Z-2130Z, Mar 24
+ FOC QSO Party	0000Z-2359Z, Mar 26
+ CQ WW WPX Contest, SSB	0000Z, Mar 26 to 2359Z, Mar 27

April 2016
+ 15-Meter SSTV Dash Contest	0000Z, Apr 2 to 2359Z, Apr 3
+ LZ Open 40m Sprint Contest	0400Z-0800Z, Apr 2
+ Mississippi QSO Party	1400Z, Apr 2 to 0200Z, Apr 3
+ Missouri QSO Party	1400Z, Apr 2 to 0400Z, Apr 3 and   1400Z-2000Z,
Apr 3
+ SP DX Contest	1500Z, Apr 2 to 1500Z, Apr 3
+ EA RTTY Contest	1600Z, Apr 2 to 1600Z, Apr 3
+ North American SSB Sprint Contest	0000Z-0400Z, Apr 3
+ SARL 80m QSO Party	1700Z-2000Z, Apr 7

The following Amateur became Silent Key since the last report: 
.KE7NVX Mike, AA6ZG Leon, KC6ZKE John, K6RDJ Darren and WA6KZV  Lloyd.
They will be missed.

Traffic for February 2016:
ORS: W6SX  3, WS6P 996,  K6RAU 12  Total 1011
PSHR:  W6SX 32, WS6P 130, K6RAU 74

Mark your Calendars:   

03/12/2016 | Hamfest 2016 
Location: Loomis, CA
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Sierra Foothills Amateur Radio Club

04/15/2016 | 67th International DX Convention 
Location: Visalia, CA
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: Southern California DX Club

04/29/2016 | Nevada State Convention (NVCON) 
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: Las Vegas Radio Amateur Club

Location: Sonoma, CA
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Valley of the Moon ARC

06/03/2016 | Northwestern Division Convention (SEA-PAC) 
Location: Seaside, OR
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: Oregon Tualatin Valley ARC

09/17/2016 | Tenth Annual Sacramento Valley Hamfest 
Location: Lincoln, CA
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Western Placer Amateur Radio Club

10/14/2016 | Pacific Division Convention (PACIFICON) 
Location: San Ramon, CA
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club

ARRL San Joaquin Valley Section
Section Manager: Dan Pruitt, AE6SX

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