Radio Service Planning

CARS has a business meeting coming in a couple weeks, Thursday,  Nov.14.
I want to have a repeater meeting at 5:30 or so prior to our 6:30 meeting.  The CCC meets next in January.  Please read through my  letter and give me your comments, suggestions, ideas either by email or at the  meeting.
73, Ken Sanders –  AE6LA
President, Calaveras Amateur Radio Society
Fowler Peak Repeater  Group – 145.170, Angels Camp

Oct 31, 2013
Amateur Two-Way Radio Service Planning for Calaveras  County
Many of you know I am a member of the Calaveras Citizen  Corps.  It is an
over-riding, grant  writing, funding non-profit group for CERT and Red Cross
groups in our county  (similar to CARS, Inc. 501.c3 standing) with that in
mind and a charge from them  to make recommendations I send this letter to
stimulate discussion, plans  and action for better emergency communications
·         Cover county by voice  repeater
·         Cover county by voice  repeater with auto patch
·         Cover an incident with  a portable repeater
·         Cover an incident by  simplex with HAMs and non-HAMS
·         Provide HTs for CERT/RC  personnel
·         Provide digital network  to mirror above as possible
·         Provide ongoing  training (Classes and VE Sessions)
Unwritten MOU on equipment ownership and  control
CARS, Inc. maintains repeater equipment open to all  properly licensed
operators assuming ongoing acceptable behavior.  The equipment is not all owned
by  CARS.  For example, Barry, K3UG has  furnished 2 meter transceivers for
the APRS digi at both Fowler and Reba.  If we stop that APRS service, the
transceivers go back to Barry.  I  expect we will see further mixed ownership
of community assets.  So I expect anything furnished for a  project would
be returned if and when it completes.  Also, if an owner wants return he
provides a reasonable time to find replacement, maybe 180 days would be  good.

Existing Operational  Resources
Fowler Peak
·         145.170/144.570 pl 100  N6FRG voice repeater newly updated and
working great.  It includes a remote base and auto  patch.  The RB allows
linking to  other VHF/UHV repeater systems.  The  AP allows access to the
switched phone system from any 2 meter transceiver.  (CARS members only)  The
RC-210 controller here could allow  adding additional features such as internet
linking or an additional radio  link.
·         144.390 N6FRG APRS  digipeater
·         144.310 K6XCA Packet  digipeater “FROG” with PBBS (XCABBS)
BearTop at Mt. Reba Ski Area
·         441.0375/446.0375 pl  151.4 N6FRG voice repeater
·         144.390 N6FRG APRS  digipeater
·         440.100/445.100 pl 100,  WS6P voice repeater at WP Fire#2
·         144.390 WS6P APRS  IGate
·         144.310 AE6LA-10 WL2K  Packet Radio Message Server available
through “FROG”
·         144.390 AE6LA APRS  IGate
·         144.310 K6EMS-10 WL2K  Packet Radio Message Server available
through “FROG”
·         Many areas lack  repeater and auto patch coverage
·         No portable repeaters  available
·         HTs / mobiles needed  for existing and new RC/CERT personnel
·         Digital network not yet  developed
·         Books & resources  for training
Other Resources that could be of  use
·         440 Mastr II Mobile for  portable repeater  & antenna  (CARS)
·         NHRC 4/M2 controller  for above and a duplexer (AE6LA)
·         RC-210 Controller with  auto patch  (AE6LA)
·         3 – BK UHF mobiles  EMV4990A 403-470 (CCC)
·         1 – BK VHF Mobile  EMH5990A 136-174 (CCC)
·         1 – BK VHF Mobile  GMH5992 136-174 (CCC)
·         2 – BK VHF HTs GPH5102S  148-174 (CCC)
·         Removed MastrII mobile  conversion repeater (CARS)
·         MastrII Deskmate  intended as replacement for above (CARS)
·         2 – 6’ tall 19” rolling  racks (AE6LA)
·         2 – M2 900 MHz station  repeaters unknown condition (AE6LA)
·         3 – M2 station power  supplies unknown (AE6LA)
·         1 – M2 VHF Mobile  unknown (AE6LA)
·         Mike, WA6ZTY may have  UHF repeater equipment available & ready
to go
Ken’s thoughts to make  improvements
·         CCC buy RC-210 with  patch for WS6P UHF  repeater at WP  Fire;
use one of the BK VHF mobiles for RB allowing linking to VHF repeaters
(145.17 or others)
·         CCC buy KG-UV6X HT for  RC/CERT personnel not enabling them for
frequencies the operator does have  license or authorization for.
·         CCC buy DB-750X dual  band mobiles for critical mobile or base
·         CARS buy TKR-750  identical to the new Fowler repeater.  Marry
this to AE6LA’s RC-210 Controller/auto patch for spare and portable  VHF
·         Complete installation  of NHRC-4/M2 into 440 MastrII for portable
UHF repeater
·         See if we can add an  auto patch to the BearTop NHRC-4/M2
controller.  Maybe from Connect Systems and check for  phone line permission from
Bear Valley Ski Area.
·         Pursue adding UHF  repeater with RB in Arnold & Valley Springs.
I have a possible site in Arnold.  There has also been discussions in  VS.
Any of this needs serious  commitment before moving forward.
·         Let’s not forget lots  of cabling, antennas and power supplies
have to work into any of this.  I have some of it here.
·         Not forgetting digital,  let’s encourage NBEMS usage both simplex
and on our repeater.  Fldigi works very nicely on my laptop  with my TH-F6
or UV6.  VOX on  the HT makes it very slick.

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