Repeater Update


from AE6LA

Rob Sullivan, WB5FTF; Tim Cody, KD6NRB; and I ventured  to Fowler Peak  Friday and got our new repeater installed.  I hear a  marked improvement in it’s over all performance and look for comments from the  members.  There is still quite a lot of work to be done but the  repeater function is all aligned and sounding great; the remote base and phone  patch levels are set and the system sounds better than it ever has.

Decisions need to be made about the old GE MASTR repeater/parts and  directions to take with the system on into the future.  So I look to a  lively Repeater Committee (Fowler Peak Repeater Group) Meeting at 5:30 November 14 with recommendations to the general meeting at 6:30.

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