Rim Fire Info

ON August 19 2013 at  1700 HRS, WB6GGY Phil  ( RACES radio officer) and
NI6Z Carl (ARES Emergency Coordinator..)  were alerted to the possible need
for Amateur Radio assistance  for what was now called the Rim Fire, ( after
the area where it was first spotted.). We were requested to assist the RED
CROSS in setting up an evacuation center at Tioga High School in Groveland
CA. for people coming out of the fire area from the community of Buck
Meadows in Mariposa County.

 Grayson KE6KYI and myself  (NI6Z) arrived at the Shelter and were met by
several evacuees from the Buck Meadows area and the Principal of the School.

 RED CROSS volunteers from the Sonora Chapter arrived about an hour later
while  KE6KYI and I were setting up communications with the RED CROSS office
in Sonora (where we have a VHF Amateur station).  The Shelter ops were
secured on the morning of  August 20,  2013 and relocated to the Tuolumne
County Fairgrounds in Sonora CA. 

Myself and KD6FFX Melissa, had been placed on a standby advisory evacuation
notice.  At that time we started making preparations to leave our home in
Pine Mountain Lake. (Groveland CA.). Gathering up important documents,
Photos, and other irreplaceable Items.  On  Thursday evening, (August  22
2013) the Smoke  was more than we could handle so we packed up our two cats
and left for  Sonora. taking shelter at the home of WA6AWC Paul and his wife
Dean ( KG6GBZ), remaining there until Sunday (August 25 2013).

ON August 20 a request was made by Tuolumne County OES for Amateur Radio
Assistance, our Help was needed to staff the  RED CROSS Shelter at the
Tuolumne County Fairgrounds and Staff the Community information phone system
at the Tuolumne County EOC.  WB6GGY Phil, the county RACES Radio officer and
NI6Z Carl ARES EC, started up our "in place" phone tree / call out, and soon
had a number of volunteers for both locations as well as some on standby
status in case there was a need for Amateur radio in other communities, 

  Here in Tuolumne County, The Amateur radio community wear several
different Hats, ARES, RACES, VIP, and CERT.  If needed we can respond and
change affiliations as conditions change.  At present, Tuolumne County ARES
and RACES are still activated.

 my personal thanks goes out to those who volunteered their time at all

The following Amateurs spent a total of 220 hours staffing the Shelter

WA6AWC Paul, W6MVM Mike, KK6EXN Dave, KB6COZ Jeff, NI6Z Carl, KE6KYI
Grayson, AE6LA Ken, and KK6BNY Dave.

The following Amateurs spent a total of 560 hours staffing the PIO Community
information Telephones at the EOC.

KE6RGP Barbara, WA7MOB Paulann, WB6WFF Fred, KJ6WHR Larry, KF6OUT Carole,
KF6OUU Frank, KJ6OC Carol, AE6RN Sterling, K6MAB Miriam, KE6FEY  Preston
(PT) , KK6TE Bob, K6VMV Ed and his XYL Tina.

I just received notice that the Amateur radio  Shelter Ops were being
secured at 1300 Today August 29, 2013.

73 de NI6Z Carl Tuolumne County ARES EC./ Asst RACES Radio Officer.

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