SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY SECTION Report for the month of November 2017

Well, what a year for 2017!
With a little well timed illness, computer failures and family events,
it seemed that I was continually trying to catch up.  For all of you
that helped and otherwise stepped to the plate – Thank you.
Pacificon was very enlightening.  ARRL appears to be relishing the
recognition and acceptance for assisting in mitigating the hurricane,
tornado, wildfire and recovery still ongoing.  I am also seeing an
introspective response to the lack of cohesive training that is
currently being addressed.  Please participate and continue with the
current reporting system.
I hope your Holidays were family committed and you are looking toward a
new year.
Remember to support “The Amateur Radio Parity Act”. Go to the link
on the ARRL website  We
have to continue the support for this registration.
Dan Pruitt, AE6SX
NEWS: From ARRL newsletters.  Read complete articles from November to
11/07/2017 | FCC Chairman Recognizes Amateur Radio in Praising those
Assisting Puerto Rico
11/09/2017 | Announcing: The ARRL International Grid Chase!    
11/14/2017 | US Court of Appeals Upholds Dismissal of Lawsuit in Ames v
ARRL Case    
11/16/2017 | DXpedition to Macao Set for March 2018    
11/18/2017 | RadFxSat (Fox-1B) Launched Successfully, Designated AO-91
11/20/2017 | ARRL Board of Directors Publicly Censures Southwestern
Division Director   
11/22/2017 | Major New Edition of The ARRL Handbook is Now Available!   

11/28/2017 | Status Report: The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2017    
CALAVARAS Amateur Society++
CLOVIS ARP ++   . CARP Christmas Party – Friday December 1st, 2017 
February 17, 2018 – Rotary Chocolate Run – Woodward Park Tentative
2018 CARP Camp-a-Long Dates
Below is the list of tentative CARP Camp-a-long dates.  Please mark your
calendars and watch the website for updates. May 19-20 July
14-15 (IARU HF World Championship) Aug 18-19 (North American QSO Party)
Sept 15-16 Oct 6-7 (California QSO Party).  Status Report: The Amateur
Radio Parity Act of 2017.
FRESNO ARC++ At the FARC swap meet, “there are so many toys!” And I
want a bunch of them”, says Stu WB6VRJ, the FARC Pres.  Dave, KA6VTA
participated in the Veteran’s Day parade and that was a very great
event. The new 51.84mc. repeater was installed, on Bear Mt.  This is a
request for volunteers at the Fairgrounds, for the Salvation Army’s
annual food and Toy distribution, Dan AE6SX, SATERN. The next scheduled
T-hunt is Saturday, April 5, 2018.
LODI ARC ++  Two new board positions have been approved by the
membership.  They are Net Director and Technical Director. Bob
Schuldheisz spoke about his plans to operate, for the ARRL “Kids
Day” January 6th, at the Galt library.  He plans to have rigs set up
on HF and the WB6ASU VHF repeater.  He’ll also have handout ARRL
packages available for anyone interested in becoming a ham.  He asked 
Our program for tonight was presented by Barry Marson, K6ZZD, on how to
operate ham satellites.
LOS BANOS ARC ++ John KE6UCX will conduct a build project for excellent
J-Pole design.
SIERRA ARC ++  The annual SARC Installation dinner will be held on
Monday, January 08.  The Pres. says, “happy to report that a
surprising number of folks have expressed interest in our radio repair
and restoration workshop! I am hopeful that we can continue this idea in
the future, W6DQ.  The suggestion was to make new business cards for
members to hand out.  Fire Mountain 14 January 2018 (horse) Tammy
Mule Team 24 February 2018 (horse) Tammy KG6VYA
Fire Up! 21/22 April 2018 (horse) Tammy KG6VYA.  Winter Field Day
01/ 28 January 2018
Winter Field Day is coming up!.  . 
SEQUOIA ARG ++ Ham participation in emergencies is getting more
organized, under government guidelines.  Go to: .
STOCKTON DELTA ARC ++ The Stockton-Delta Amateur Radio Club
Christmas Dinner
Thursday December 14th.  Communications Interoperability
Training with Amateur Radio
Community Set for November 4th – 6th.  Newly licensed was 16 from the
latest Ham-cram .
TULARE Co. ARC ++  Tulare ARC and Salvation Army Corps of Tulare were
lead sponsors of our Rally in the Valley.  Faces from Southern SJV were
obvious and welcome.
TURLOCK ARC ++ With regret I would like to announce that I will not be
able to continue as TARC president in the upcoming year..” I have
greatly enjoyed the presidential seat this past year as well as all the
kind words and encouragement. If you are interested in becoming the TARC
president for 2018 please let us know! de KJ6ART – Spencer.  Grady
K6IXA, as usual, is literary in his historical prose.  in his
historical.  Check out the ARC-OVER using the link
The following Amateurs became Silent Keys since the last report: 
Pam KD6LBS, Tim K4EOV, John KF6JG, Charles KC6UW and, Bob K6UGM, 
They will be missed.
Traffic for November 2017:
ORS: WS6P 979,  K6RAU 13  Total 992
PSHR: WS6P 345, K6RAU 70
de K6RAU
Mark your Calendars:   

01/21/2018 | QuartzFest Convention    
Location: Quartzsite, AZ
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: QuartzFest Planning Committee

03/17/2018 | Hamfest 2018    
Location: Loomis, CA
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Sierra Foothills Amateur Radio Club

07/20/2018 | Nevada State Convention (NVCON 2018)    
Location: Reno, NV
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society

10/19/2018 | Pacific Division Convention (PACIFICON 2018)    
Location: San Ramon, CA
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club

Need to take an Amateur exam? Are you having an exam? Check the ARRL web
page, for exam information. You can also
search for Amateur Radio Classes in your area and register your exam.
Instructors can also register classes there.
Card Checking in the Section: You can get cards checked for awards
within the section. W6XK, K6ZZ, and W6DPD can check your cards for DXCC
in accordance with the rules for field checking. DXCC card checkers may
now check cards dated from Nov 15, 1945, including Deleted DXCC
Entities. K6ZZ can now check 160 Meter Cards. DXCC card checkers may, at
their discretion, check cards for WAS, WAC, and VUCC. W6DPD and K6ZZ can
check cards for the CQ Awards, WAZ, DX, Field, and Prefixes. The card
checkers may also check applications for the IARU Region 2 Award. ARRL
Special Service Clubs may appoint a HF awards manager for WAS and a VHF
Awards Manager for VUCC.

The Webinar by Hank Garretson, W6SX, has been posted to the WWROF
webpage ( under the Webinars link. 
Hanks presentation will be of particular interest to “Little Pistols”
and those who are space limited. It’s worth checking out!  Hank added a
link to the elevation plot which can be viewed at 
Also the Ladder Snaps in the presentation can be found at You can e-mail Hank at for additional details.

The K6RAU (our Traffic Manager) Morse Code Instruction Course is
available at or
No need to know a “dit” from a “dah”, simply with paper and pencil, and
following the instructions.
San Joaquin Valley Nets:
The Noontime net meets on 7.268.5 MHz. This net handles a lot of
Daytime Region 6 Traffic Net meets daily at 3:30 pacific time on or near
7.275 MHZ. This one is probable not in operation at this time.
The California Traffic Net meets daily on 3.906 MHZ and 6:00 PM local
The Golden Bear Amateur Radio Net meets nightly at 7:00 PM local time on
3.975 MHZ. 
Northern California Net (NCN), the Section Traffic Net, meets nightly on
3.533 MHZ at 7 PM Pacific Time. 
San Joaquin Net meets Monday-Saturday on 3918khz, at 6 PM Pacific Time.
Western Public Service System (WPSS) meets nightly on 3952khz, roll – at
7:30 PM local Pacific Time.
The Mission Trail Net meets nightly on 3.856 MHZ at 8:00 PM local time.
Northern California Net 2 (NCN2) The slow speed training session of NCN,
meets nightly on 3.533 MHZ at 9 PM Pacific Time. Handling traffic on CW
is a good way to improve your CW skills. 
CWops Tests are held weekly – Every Wednesday at 1300Z, 1900Z, and
0300Z (Thursday). Info and rules at .

ARRL San Joaquin Valley Section
Section Manager: Dan Pruitt, AE6SX

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