SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY SECTION Report for the month of September 2017

What a month, and it is still going this month.  I think everyone is
aware of the compounded destruction that is continuing to date.  Even
one of our Section Managers was forced to evacuate.

What about good things?  We have some.  Maker Fair showed us some
recognition.  Other DIY projects are grabbing attention.  Get out there
and find something that interests you.  Special event operations and
contest complement DX operations.  The new FT-8, faster and purported
lower power is receiving great reviews.  Some old modes like SSTV are
showing a selective comeback.  Their are an increasing number of new
Hams, a trend we need to support by Elmering them.  Make a friend, Elmer
a new ham.  You will get more than you give.

Amateur Radio is a Hobby and should be fun, for you and anyone you
Elmer.  This gives us the experience to perform in stressful
environments like the fires locally and the Hurricanes back east. 
Remember the drills and nets help you train.  Public service, drills and
meetings are all real life examples of EmComm.  Use these to improve
your skills.

Remember to support “The Amateur Radio Parity Act”. Go to the link
on the ARRL website  We
have to continue the support for this legislation.

Enjoy the weather and get your antenna projects before we see those
rains.  Follow those OSHA tower safety guidelines.  They will keep you

Dan Pruitt, AE6SX

NEWS: From ARRL newsletters.  Read complete articles from September to

09/15/2017 | St. Croix Amateur Radio Club Supports Irma Response in US
Virgin Islands
09/18/2017 | Caribbean Emergency Weather Net Activates; FEMA Announces
Interoperability Nets
09/19/2017 | Rockwell Collins to be Sold to United Technologies
09/19/2017 | HamSCI Presents Initial Eclipse Results at ARRL-TAPR
Digital Communications Conference
09/19/2017 | W1AW Supporting Partners in Hurricane Response; Bulletins
and Visitor Operations Currently Suspended
09/19/2017 | Amateur Radio Emergency Net Active in Wake of Earthquake in
Central Mexico
09/20/2017 | Caribbean Emergency Weather Net Requests Clear Frequency
09/22/2017 | SATERN Seeks Volunteers to Serve as Net Control or Relay
09/22/2017 | Caribbean Emergency Weather Network Handling High Volume of
Post-Storm Traffic
09/22/2017 | W1AW Suspending Transmissions This Evening, Will Pass
Health-and-Welfare Traffic from Puerto Rico
09/23/2017 | Caribbean Situation Critical, Clear Frequencies Essential
09/24/2017 | American Red Cross Asks ARRL’s Assistance with Puerto
Rico Relief Effort
09/25/2017 | Amateur Radio Volunteers Aiding Storm-Ravaged Puerto Rico,
US Virgin Islands
09/26/2017 | Round-the-World Flyer Brian Lloyd, WB6RQN, Recruiting
Pilots for Dominica Airlift
09/26/2017 | Amateur Radio’s Force of Fifty Answers the Red Cross Call
in Puerto Rico
09/27/2017 | ALE Operators Needed to Support Disaster Relief Flights in
the Caribbean
09/28/2017 | IARU President: Traditional Aspects of Ham Radio May Not Be
Attractive to Newcomers
09/29/2017 | Revised ARRL Frequency Chart Now Available
09/29/2017 | Salvation Army Seeks Amateur Radio Operators for Possible
Caribbean Deployment
10/02/2017 | “Force of 50” Amateur Radio Volunteers Deploying
Throughout Puerto Rico
10/02/2017 | World Maker Faire Visitors Urged to Build, Make, Create,
10/04/2017 | Amateur Radio Volunteers in Puerto Rico Meet a Variety of
Communication Needs
10/05/2017 | Amateur Radio Net Active for Tropical Storm Nate, the
Latest Atlantic Storm Threat
10/05/2017 | FCC Grants Temporary Waiver to Permit Higher Symbol Rate
Data Transmissions
10/06/2017 | Ham Radio Volunteers in Puerto Rico Install Repeater, Work
with Hospitals and Reunification
10/07/2017 | ARRL Emergency Preparedness Manager Arrives in Puerto Rico,
Volunteers Aid Hospitals
10/10/2017 | Red Cross Asks Puerto Rico Amateur Radio Volunteer Team
Members to Stay Longer
10/11/2017 | FCC Affirms Huge Fine in New York Interference Case
10/12/2017 | Ham Radio Bridging the Gap in Wildfire-Stricken California

October 2017 
October 2017 

+ 10-10 Int. Fall Contest, CW
0001Z, Oct 21 to 2359Z, Oct 22
+ New York QSO Party
1400Z, Oct 21 to 0200Z, Oct 22
+ Worked All Germany Contest
1500Z, Oct 21 to 1459Z, Oct 22
+ Illinois QSO Party
1700Z, Oct 22 to 0100Z, Oct 23
+ CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB
0000Z, Oct 28 to 2400Z, Oct 29

November 2017
+ Ukrainian DX Contest
1200Z, Nov 4 to 1200Z, Nov 5
+ ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW
2100Z, Nov 4 to 0300Z, Nov 6
+ High Speed Club CW Contest
0900Z-1700Z, Nov 5
+ WAE DX Contest, RTTY
0000Z, Nov 11 to 2359Z, Nov 12
+ 10-10 Int. Fall Contest, Digital
0001Z, Nov 11 to 2359Z, Nov 12
+ JIDX Phone Contest
0700Z, Nov 11 to 1300Z, Nov 12
+ OK/OM DX Contest, CW
1200Z, Nov 11 to 1200Z, Nov 12
+ CQ-WE Contest
1900Z, Nov 11 to 0500Z, Nov 13


CALAVARAS Amateur Society++ Sam, WS6P, got a close look at CalFire
operations, as the Smitty Fire came very close to his property.   NBEMS
Nets We will have suspended our training nets at 2030 hours on Wednesday
nights.  We will start on 3584 KHz using BPSK-125. Look for the Tune
Here signal.

​CLOVIS ARP ++. October meeting is the annual SKYWARN/Severe Weather
Spotter Training.  Class.  Rob, AE6GE, has arranged the comm support for
the “Bass Lake double century bicycle ride” for the Fresno Cycle
Club in October.  A free Amateur Radio Technician Class during the month
of September.  This produced 22 Techs and 2 Generals.  Including a 14
year old, their 2 siblings and their father.

FRESNO ARC++    . September Meeting – Operation Whitecoat was a
biodefense medical research program carried out by the United States
Army at Fort Detrick, Maryland between 1954 and 1973.  Jim Anderson had
additional info about the Code Talkers service men that were used in WWI
and WWII.    Upcoming Transmitter Hunt Dates – Nov. 11 (at the FARC Swap
meet).  K6MI John, and others talked about the “UHF and up” contest.
 Emcomm report –  FC EmComm Meeting Chris (KJ6OUG) held a training
session on Anderson Power Poles.    The EIMAC Company produced a series
of glass power triodes for all power levels from the 25T to the 2000T by
about 1943.A new tetrode line of tubes in this power class culminated in
1947 with the offering of the 4-750A/4-1000A and that may have sealed
the fate of the old triode.

LODI ARC ++    Rodger, W6PKB, gave his best on solar panels.  His panels
ran about $900 each.  He is already seeing a savings on his electric
bill.  September will have a talk on the Queen Mary Special Event
operation, by Emilia KI6YYT . 

LOS BANOS ARC ++   Meeting night 22 Sept.  SkyWarn training 5 October. 
Will K6WJR, discussed the training he attended in March.  Last month was
Pizza Night.  .

SIERRA ARC ++  September Club Meeting Program is SSTV.  Fun and useful
mode to send and receive still pictures.  ARES equipment issues: when it
came time for the net, the
147.000 repeater was not responding. Using established procedure the net
was switched to the secondary frequency, 146.55 simplex. On at least one
occasion a relay net was also employed.  FCC and OSHA publish “Best
Practices” guide for communication towers   . 

SEQUOIA ARG ++ One of my interests in KRV has been to expand the radio
pathways in and out of KRV, primarily for emergency communications.  We
need more channels between KRV and the county seat, and perhaps to other
areas, says the Pres, Skip, N6SR.  .  Clarence, KJ6MCJ, and he will be
showing a PowerPoint on “Introduction to Amateur Radio”

STOCKTON DELTA  ARC ++ From the Pres. John, NZ6Q – We are a Hobby – We
are a National Resource – We are Life Savers.  I had the privilege
recently of helping out with an Emergency Preparedness Fair sponsored by
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons). We set up
a go box, demonstrated a few portable radios, and continuously played
several public service videos in the background. During the 4 hours we
were “on-the-air” we answered a lot of questions. Bob K6DGQ who gave
a great presentation on band limits and how you could be in your band on
your radio, but have your signal spill out of the band and therefore be
illegal.  Glen K6KJQ has a new VHF repeater on the air @ 147.105 MHz. 
USS Lucid – Help Wanted and Needed, Paul N6KZW.

TURLOC       ARC ++   Ken Stillwell KF6IDK), Richard Larson(W6ASBJ),
Lucian Thomas(KF6NPG), Dick Decker(KS6UU), Spencer Boyd(KJ6ART), and
Grady Williams(K6IXA) brought their emergency Go-Boxes plus some
accessories to demonstrate the different ways to package an emergency
kit. It can be very simple or as complex as a ham is willing to tote! 
K6SUU. Dick will be teaching on how to pick a Chinese DMR radio based on
reviews and how to buy it with the least risk.   Starting in October
TARC will be meeting in classroom I-4 at Turlock High School.     After
a notable absence we were able to get the Atwater Satellite receiver at
the former Castle Air Force Base back up and running.

The following Amateurs became Silent Key since the last report: 

Dale, N6PUF, Fred KG6SIU, George KQ6KU and Joe WB6EAN

They will be missed.

Traffic for Sept 2017:
ORS:  WS6P 1294, K6RAU 13 Total 1307
PSHR:  WS6P 235, K6RAU 70, KK6VOJ 404


Need to take an Amateur exam? Are you having an exam? Check the ARRL web
page, for exam information. You
can also search for Amateur Radio Classes in your area and register your
exam. Instructors can also register classes there.
Card Checking in the Section: You can get cards checked for awards
within the section. W6XK, K6ZZ, and W6DPD can check your cards for DXCC
in accordance with the rules for field checking. DXCC card checkers may
now check cards dated from Nov 15, 1945, including Deleted DXCC
Entities. K6ZZ can now check 160 Meter Cards. DXCC card checkers may, at
their discretion, check cards for WAS, WAC, and VUCC. W6DPD and K6ZZ can
check cards for the CQ Awards, WAZ, DX, Field, and Prefixes. The card
checkers may also check applications for the IARU Region 2 Award. ARRL
Special Service Clubs may appoint a HF awards manager for WAS and a VHF
Awards Manager for VUCC.

The Webinar by Hank Garretson, W6SX, has been posted to the WWROF
webpage ( under the Webinars link. 
Hanks presentation will be of particular interest to “Little Pistols”
and those who are space limited. It’s worth checking out!

Hank added a link to the elevation plot which can be viewed at 
Also the Ladder Snaps in the presentation can be found at You can e-mail Hank at for additional details.

The K6RAU (our Traffic Manager) Morse Code Instruction Course is
available at or
No need to know a “dit” from a “dah”, simply with paper and pencil, and
following the instructions.

San Joaquin Valley Nets:
The Noontime net meets on 7.268.5 MHz. This net handles a lot of
Daytime Region 6 Traffic Net meets daily at 3:30 pacific time on or near
7.275 MHZ. This one is probable not in operation at this time.
The California Traffic Net meets daily on 3.906 MHZ and 6:00 PM local
The Golden Bear Amateur Radio Net meets nightly at 7:00 PM local time on
3.975 MHZ. 
Northern California Net (NCN), the Section Traffic Net, meets nightly on
3.533 MHZ at 7 PM Pacific Time. 
San Joaquin Net meets Monday-Saturday on 3918khz, at 6 PM Pacific Time.
Western Public Service System (WPSS) meets nightly on 3952khz, roll – at
7:30 PM local Pacific Time.
The Mission Trail Net meets nightly on 3.856 MHZ at 8:00 PM local time.
Northern California Net 2 (NCN2) The slow speed training session of NCN,
meets nightly on 3.533 MHZ at 9 PM Pacific Time. Handling traffic on CW
is a good way to improve your CW skills. 

CWops Tests are held weekly – Every Wednesday at 1300Z, 1900Z, and
0300Z (Thursday). Info and rules at . 


10/20/2017 | Pacific Division Convention (PACIFICON 2017)
Location: San Ramon, CA
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club
Learn More
Waimea Community Center

10/26/2017 Microwave Update 2017
October 26-29, 2017
Biltmore Hotel, Santa Clara CA

10/27/2017 AMSAT Annual Meeting and Space Symposium
October 27-29. 2017, Location is Reno NV.
Check for information

11/04/2017 | Big Island of Hawaii International Swap Meet/Hamfest
Location: Kamuela, HI
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Kohala Hamakua Radio Club
Learn More

HAMFEST/CONVENTION Rally in the Valley
11/04/2017 | San Joaquin Valley Section Swap Meet/Hamfest
Location: Salvation Army of Tulare, CA
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Salvation Army of Tulare, Tulare County ARC & Porterville ARC
Learn More

ARRL San Joaquin Valley Section
Section Manager: Dan Pruitt, AE6SX

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