AB-1222 Signed Into Law – Press Release May Make it More Ambiguous

Jim Aspinwall

Campbell, CA

SEP 28, 2017 — A little more detail via the web link… but Assy. Quirk complicated things in his press release with this statement:

““The intent was to prohibit a person from holding a phone. It was never meant to prevent trained or licensed professionals, such as utility workers, from using their mounted and wires two-way radios for brief communications with one another or dispatch,” explained Assemblymember Quirk. “These devices do not possess the myriad distractions of cellular phones. They are essential tools operated in accordance with company safety policies,” he concluded. This interpretation was confirmed by a bulletin released by the California Highway Patrol in April 2017.”

The employers involved, in conference call, agreed that qualifying any of this to job function/person communicating was not prudent or necessary. “The CHP memo” as we call it, never qualified any of this to employee/employer/employment. 

Beware – IF YOU ARE CITED FOR RADIO MICROPHONE USE – PLEASE LET US KNOW!!!! (Handheld radio use citations are of interest but may not be contestable.)

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