SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY SECTION Report for the month of April 2016

K6RAU, PIC vacant, TC W6TE.

WOW!   Here we are in May and there is a lot going on.   The VHF
Contest and Field Day are next month.   Dayton HAMVENTION, Armed Forces
Crossband, MARS/DHS drills, National Parks on the Air and all the QSO

Weather has been fantastic so I'm sure Antennas have been up-graded,
installed, replaced or repaired.   You can't have new antennas without
new gear.   The modes, oh my all the modes.   We have PSK, Packet and
CW, of course, then there is JT, SSTV, Video, FM and old AM.   Now add
MESH Networks and all the digital modes, voice, video and packet.  
Looking forward to Phase IV satellite and ground stations, cube SAT
micro SAT.   Kids winning awards for loop antennas and SAT
construction.   Like I said, Wow!

I don't think this is CB or old tube radio exclusively.   Amateur Radio
is even back in 600 Meters while Raspberry PII's control everything with
Linux GPL.

Tell your friends, your relatives even those not so close.   There is a
future for Amateur Radio and a present and a past to expand.   Bring
them to Field Day or any other public event

Remember to support “The Amateur Radio Parity Act”. Go to the link
on the ARRL website .   We
have to continue the support for this legislation.


Dan Pruitt, AE6SX

NEWS: From ARRL newsletters.   Read complete articles from April to
04/12/2016    First-Ever D-STAR Satellite to Launch in April
04/18/2016      Radio Amateurs Asked to Keep 7.060 MHz Clear for
Ecuador Earthquake Emergency Traffic 
04/18/2016      New ARRL CEO Tom Gallagher, NY2RF, Pledges World-Class
Service, Openness, Inclusiveness 
04/19/2016      Commemorative ARISS Slow-Scan TV Transmissions a
04/19/2016      Brazil Eases Authorization for Radio Amateurs Attending
the 2016 Summer Olympics 
04/20/2016      Lack of Power Stymies Amateur Radio Post-Quake Aid in
04/20/2016      SHARES Interoperability Exercise to Use 5 MHz Channels,
Involve Amateur Radio 
04/20/2016      EchoLink VoIP Service Proving Valuable in Handling
Ecuador Earthquake Traffic 
04/21/2016      Amateur Radio Praised Following Participation in
Washington Interoperability Exercise 
04/21/2016      TAPR Dayton Hamvention Digital Forum to Include
SatNOGS, HamWAN, SDR Talks 
04/23/2016      New AO-85 Distance Record Claimed 
04/23/2016      Romania Puts Toe in the 5 MHz Waters with Scheduled
Amateur Radio Testing 
04/25/2016      Now Shipping: High Speed Multimedia for Amateur Radio
by Glen Popiel, KW5GP 
04/26/2016      Three ESA “Fly Your Satellite!” Program CubeSats
Now in Orbit 
04/27/2016      Young Ham Wins First-Place Science Fair Trophy with Mag
Loop Antenna Entry 
04/27/2016      ARRL/TAPR Digital Communications Conference Issues Call
for Technical Papers 
04/27/2016      FCC Invites Comments on Petition to Eliminate 15 dB
Gain Limit on Amateur Amplifiers 
04/28/2016      IARU Region 2 Calls for Emergency Communications
Workshop Papers, Presentations 
04/28/2016      RFinder – The World Wide Repeater Directory Now Lets
Users File Jamming Reports 
05/02/2016    ARRL Aims to Connect Engineers, Educators, Students at
IEEE International Microwave Symposium 
05/02/2016    Deadline is June 1 for US Radio Amateurs to Submit IARU
Region 2 HF Band Plan Suggestions 
05/03/2016    No Need for Panic Regarding Synthetic Aperture Radars on
70 Centimeters, ARRL CTO Says 
05/03/2016    FCC Action Anticipated on ARRL’s “Symbol Rate”
Petition for Rule Making 
05/04/2016    Digital Storage Oscilloscopes for Ham Radio Now Available

05/07/2016    ARRL Ham Aid Gear Headed to Ecuador to Support Earthquake
Relief, Recovery   Some 400 pounds of Ham Aid Amateur Radio equipment
05/10/2016    AMSAT’s Fox-1B CubeSat Gets a January 2017 Launch Date

05/10/2016    Rare de Forest Audion Donated to ARRL, Mated with Vintage
Radio for Museum Display 
05/11/2016    Over-the-Horizon Radars, Fishery and Taxi Traffic, Buoys,
and Broadcasters Continue to Mar Ham Bands 
05/11/2016    Canadian Radio Amateurs Went on Alert to Assist in
Alberta Wildfire Emergency, Evacuations 
05/12/2016    Elementary School’s SSTV CubeSat Now Set to Deploy from
ISS on May 16 
05/14/2016    SATERN Founder Pat McPherson, WW9E, SK 
May 2016

+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, CW	1900Z-2030Z, May 19
+ UN DX Contest	0600Z-2100Z, May 21
+ NZART Sangster Shield Contest	0800Z-1100Z, May 21 and
   0800Z-1100Z, May 22
+ Aegean RTTY Contest	1200Z, May 21 to 1200Z, May 22
+ His Maj. King of Spain Contest, CW	1200Z, May 21 to 1200Z, May 22
+ EU PSK DX Contest	1200Z, May 21 to 1200Z, May 22
+ Baltic Contest	2100Z, May 21 to 0200Z, May 22
+ CQ WW WPX Contest, CW	0000Z, May 28 to 2359Z, May 29
+ Portuguese Navy Day Contest, Digital	0800Z-2359Z, May 28
+ SARL Digital Contest	1300Z-1600Z, May 29
June 2016

+ NRAU 10m Activity Contest	1700Z-1800Z, Jun 2 (CW) and
   1800Z-1900Z, Jun 2 (SSB) and
   1900Z-2000Z, Jun 2 (FM) and
   2000Z-2100Z, Jun 2 (Dig)
+ PVRC Reunion	0000Z-0400Z, Jun 4 (CW) and
   0000Z-0400Z, Jun 5 (SSB)
+ 10-10 Int. Open Season PSK Contest	0000Z, Jun 4 to 2400Z, Jun 5
+ DigiFest	0400Z-1200Z, Jun 4 and
   2000Z, Jun 4 to 0400Z, Jun 5 and
   1200Z-2000Z, Jun 5
+ SEANET Contest	1200Z, Jun 6 to 1200Z, Jun 7
+ IARU Region 1 Field Day, CW	1500Z, Jun 4 to 1459Z, Jun 5
+ RSGB National Field Day	1500Z, Jun 4 to 1500Z, Jun 5
+ Dutch Kingdom Contest	1500Z, Jun 4 to 1500Z, Jun 5
+ Alabama QSO Party	1600Z, Jun 4 to 0400Z, Jun 5
+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, Data	1900Z-2030Z, Jun 6
+ DRCG WW RTTY Contest	0000Z-0759Z, Jun 11 and
   1600Z-2359Z, Jun 11 and
   0800Z-1559Z, Jun 12
+ VK Shires Contest	0600Z, Jun 11 to 0600Z, Jun 12
+ Portugal Day Contest	1200Z, Jun 11 to 1200Z, Jun 12
+ GACW WWSA CW DX Contest	1500Z, Jun 11 to 1500Z, Jun 12
+ ARRL June VHF Contest	1800Z, Jun 11 to 0259Z, Jun 13
+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, CW	1900Z-2030Z, Jun 15
+ All Asian DX Contest, CW	0000Z, Jun 18 to 2400Z, Jun 19
+ SMIRK Contest	0000Z, Jun 18 to 2400Z, Jun 19
+ Ukrainian DX Classic RTTY Contest	1200Z, Jun 18 to 1159Z, Jun 19
+ Stew Perry Topband Challenge	1500Z, Jun 18 to 1500Z, Jun 19
+ West Virginia QSO Party	1600Z, Jun 18 to 0200Z, Jun 19
+ Kid's Day Contest	1800Z-2359Z, Jun 18
+ WAB 50 MHz Phone	0900Z-1500Z, Jun 19

SK -The following Amateur became Silent Key since the last report: 
John NZ6Q, Gene W7POR, Lloyd, WA6KZV and Tim, K6TRK.
They will be missed.

Traffic Report: [Apr 2016]:
ORS: W6SX   4 , WS6P 781,   K6RAU 15   Total 800
PSHR:   W6SX 28, WS6P 315, K6RAU 74

Mark your Calendars:   

06/03/2016 | Northwestern Division Convention (SEA-PAC) 
Location: Seaside, OR
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: Oregon Tualatin Valley ARC

06/11/2016 | Reno Ham Swap & Hamfest
Location: Verdi, NV
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society
06/18/2016 | Santa Maria Radio Swapfest
Location: Orcutt, CA
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Satellite ARC 

09/17/2016 | Tenth Annual Sacramento Valley Hamfest 
Location: Lincoln, CA
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Western Placer Amateur Radio Club

10/14/2016 | Pacific Division Convention (PACIFICON) 
Location: San Ramon, CA
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club


ARRL San Joaquin Valley Section
Section Manager: Dan Pruitt, AE6SX
There was an error on my part in April's SM Report:

I am happy to report that JOHN, NZ6Q, IS WELL and will be on the USS
Lucid for Museum Ships Weekend!

I will blame it on my ineptitude in cutting and pasting his notice of
an SK from the Stockton Club.

My apologies for my error and especially to John, who humorously
informed me of my oops.

God Bless and 73 John.

Dan Pruitt AE6SX
SM of SJV for ARRL

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