SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY SECTION Report for the month of October 2015


SM Dan Pruitt, AE6SX- ASMs K6YK and N2NS, ACC W6DPD, SEC KF6FIR,

Thanksgiving!  Being grateful.  We  radio operators have a spectrum we
can use, a hobby to enjoy and the ability to make friends no matter how
far distant they are.  This is enough to be thankful, but there is

We all should appreciate those that came before us (Marconi, Fessenden,
Bell Labs and even Maxim), way to many to address here.  Still we need
to recognize all those that have contributed to our hobby and

How and why was this possible?  It was permitted by a people that saw
that freedom of will and choice was encouraged.  All protected by
individuals that committed themselves to protecting those freedoms and
guaranteed the future of our way of life.  It is in November, on the 11
day, at the 11 hour that we honour those that served in our military. 
In peace and war, times of national or international strife, they stand
between us and harm.

For this I encourage you to add a few more seconds to your Thanksgiving
list of things to be grateful.  For me, it will be the first line of my
prayer when I ask his blessing.

Make sure you have your letter in to ARRL.  The link is:

Skywarn Recognition Day is December 5, 2015.  Contact your local
weather station for details.

Dan Pruitt, AE6SX

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11/04/2015 | January VP8 DXpedition to Incorporate “Youth and
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11/04/2015 | Amateur Radio Parity Act Continues to Gain Traction in US


November 2015

+ RSGB 80m Club Sprint, SSB
2000Z-2100Z, Nov 11
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint
0145Z-0215Z, Nov 13
+ WAE DX Contest, RTTY
0000Z, Nov 14 to 2359Z, Nov 15
+ 10-10 Int. Fall Contest, Digital
0001Z, Nov 14 to 2359Z, Nov 15
+ JIDX Phone Contest
0700Z, Nov 14 to 1300Z, Nov 15
+ OK/OM DX Contest, CW
1200Z, Nov 14 to 1200Z, Nov 15
+ Kentucky QSO Party
1400Z, Nov 14 to 0200Z, Nov 15
+ Homebrew and Oldtime Equipment Party
1300-1500Z, Nov 15 (40m) and
1500-1700Z, Nov 15 (80m)
+ Run for the Bacon QRP Contest
0200Z-0400Z, Nov 16
+ NAQCC CW Sprint
0130Z-0330Z, Nov 19
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint
0145Z-0215Z, Nov 20
+ YO International PSK31 Contest
1600Z-2200Z, Nov 20
+ SARL Field Day Contest
1000Z, Nov 21 to 1000Z, Nov 22
+ LZ DX Contest
1200Z, Nov 21 to 1200Z, Nov 22
+ All Austrian 160-Meter Contest
1600Z, Nov 21 to 0700Z, Nov 22
+ Feld Hell Sprint
1700Z-1859Z, Nov 21
+ NA Collegiate ARC Championship, SSB
2100Z, Nov 21 to 0300Z, Nov 23
+ RSGB 2nd 1.8 MHz Contest, CW
2100Z, Nov 21 to 0100Z, Nov 22
+ ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB
2100Z, Nov 21 to 0300Z, Nov 23
+ UKEICC 80m Contest
2000Z-2100Z, Nov 25
+ RSGB 80m Club Sprint, CW
2000Z-2100Z, Nov 26
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint
0145Z-0215Z, Nov 27
+ ARRL EME Contest
0000Z, Nov 28 to 2359Z, Nov 29
+ CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW
0000Z, Nov 28 to 2400Z, Nov 29

December 2015
+ NRAU 10m Activity Contest
1800Z-1900Z, Dec 3 (CW) and
1900Z-2000Z, Dec 3 (SSB) and
2000Z-2100Z, Dec 3 (FM) and
2100Z-2200Z, Dec 3 (Dig)
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint
0145Z-0215Z, Dec 4
+ ARRL 160-Meter Contest
2200Z, Dec 4 to 1600Z, Dec 6
0000Z-2400Z, Dec 5


CLOVIS ARP ++   Rob announces the CARP Christmas Party - Friday
December 4th, 2015 -  7:00pm at the Clovis Senior Center classroom. 
Windows 10 vs. Baofeng, and Chirp - The Windows 10 installation/upgrade
includes a newer version of the Prolific USB-Serial driver.  This is the
interface driver software that translates many USB to Radio adapters via
a Com-Port (for lack of a more complex explanation).  There is one
problem.  The newer drivers prevent any updates to the radio using
Chirp software and forces your radio into an undesired transmit state.
by: Conrad Nerdahl – WA6KUE.
FRESNO ARC++  Ron, N6MTS said “The FARC Field Day effort resulted in
the second highest score for the SJV, not only in our 3a category, but
in all categories.”   Swap meet at the November meeting! December
FARC Banquet Dec. 11.  The Central Valley T-hunters November 21, 2015.

LODI ARC ++   Jason, KE5JTS opened up the floor for nominations for the
offices of president and vice president.  Jason nominated Maria, KK6COR,
for president and Emilia, KI6YYT, for vice president (both are general
class hams). It was seconded by Ron Simpson.  Emilia moved that the
nominations from the floor be closed and a vote was taken.  The
nominated individuals were elected by a verbal vote.  Jim and Doug will
retain their current positions as secretary and treasurer respectfully.
Program Schedule for 2015 - November - The Coherer, Dave, N6SWX;
December - Christmas Party @ Casa Flores, Dec 5th, 6:30 PM. 

LOS BANOS ARC ++  Please note that were it not for Phil, KC6JDL, we
would not have meeting pictures to include in your newsletter. So,
please, join me in thanking Phil for his service to the Club.  I
continue to be challenged by my work schedule and am only able to
sporadically take part in Club activities. We're hoping that will all
end soon, so please bear with me for the time being.   Schedule: Nov
14th - Club Meeting; Dec 4th - Christmas Parade; Dec 10th - Christmas
Party.  It seems only right that Veterans Day and Thanksgiving should
fall only days  apart, in the same month. We should first thank God and
then honor our veterans, who served their Country to preserve our

SIERRA ARC ++  T HE A IRWAVES C ALENDAR Every Monday IWV Emergency Net
 WA6YBN Repeater-147.00MHz  +, 107.2 tone
 09 Nov SARC Board Meeting, 6:30pm - USO building
 09 Nov SARC General Meeting 7:00pm - USO building - Program :
"Grounded for Safety"
14 Nov Ridgecrest Desert Classic.  Mike WA6ARA had the presentation on
Satellites- the future of ham radio.  Satellite sub-bands were covered
and the various orbits used. Modes of the satellites include linear,
FM, APRS, and video. Simple antenna and 10 watts of power will do it. 
Computer software is handy to have to plot where a satellite is
located.  Mike also reviewed the use of commonly used forms in EmComm:
ARRL - Radiogram, both general and as a Disaster Welfare message,
General Message (ICS-213), and the Activity Log (ICS 214). The group
then conducted a practice emergency net using the Club's emergency net
script as a guideline. Both presentations inspired numerous practical
comments. To wrap up the meeting, a live microphone was handed to Mike
(KK6TAZ) to be Net Control for the SARC emergency net. He did quite
well, despite it being his first time as Net Control. One of the goals
of the Ridgecrest ARES group is to see that all members are capable as
the Net Control operator.  Pacificon - A session with the NORCAL QRP
group with a MUPPET build. Chuck (K7QO) has developed the
Manhattan-Ugly-Professional-Placement-Experimental-Technique (MUPPET)
for construction of electronic circuits.  It’s actually quite pretty.
No holes, no numbers, just etched with household chemicals. This is a
multi-frequency signal generator with interchangeable crystals.  Mike
(WA6ARA) whiz-built his signal generator with the help of his
multi-element transistor tester.  The perfect Christmas present - is a
half scale model of the J-36Vibroplex.  These limited production
collectible CW keys are handcrafted, numbered, with every part made in
the USA.  Field Day Results! or It all matters how you look at it!  The
Field Day results are in! We were near the bottom of the 4A list, out of
155 total. We have been lower! But, we are at the top, number uno, for
our section, San Joaquin Valley (SJV)! Yah! (there were only two
entries for 4A in SJV).  During a recent public service event base camp
kept hearing a QSO. Repeated attempts to notify the two holding the QSO
that a public service event was being held went unacknowledged. 
Strange, some with the event were hearing the QSO, other were not.
Finally the repeater identified, and it wasn't ours!   As it turns out
another 147.00 repeater is on the air west of Lake Isabella.  What can
we do about it? Tone Decode.  If implemented the squelch only opens if
it receives the specified sub audible tone and our repeater
re-transmits the 107.2 Hz tone. So the fix is to implement your radio's
tone encode and decode for the 147.000 repeater. You. 

SEQUOIA ARG ++  W6SV says “Weather will be a large concern this year.
Emphasis on BE PREPARED.”  Saturday December 12, 2015. Our annual
Christmas Dinner will be held at the Elk’s Lodge.  Camping at
7,500’ in October?  Well 7 of your club members did just that. On
Oct. 6th we went to Glass Creek Campground just north of Mammoth Lakes.

STOCKTON DELTA ARC ++  October 15th , 2015 – Great Shake-out
Earthquake Drill .  The Stockton-Delta Amateur Radio
Club has participated in this drill for several years with check-in
numbers rivaling larger cities like Sacramento and Fresno. The plan was
a directed net on the W6SF 147.165 repeater and take check-ins from
around the city and county. Participating stations checked-in with
their call sign, location and radio capabilities..

TURLOCK ARC ++ Dick, K6SUU, was called forward to make an announcement
regarding a program with Pacificon.  Mission 22 will be this October
17th. For information go to  Also, the radio to
hit the ISS has been fixed. There was an issue with the GPS, but
hopefully it won’t be a problem. Let Dick know if you are interested
in using the radio.  Grady Williams, K6IXA, gave the evening
presentation on the W6BXN Repeater System. His presentation was
excellent, including a Power Point with a diagram of all the repeaters,
how they work together, and pictures of the different sites. (Turtle
Dome, Sentinel Dome and Buck Rock.   It was very interesting and
informative.  Grady stated that the new engine has been put in, tested
and is working fine. An alarm panel with three lights has been ordered.
 There was a question about if there were power failure, how long would
the system run?  There would be approx. 72 days power to run it.  On
behalf of the TARC we would like to thank Grady, W6BXN, and Spencer
Boyd for the extensive commitment they have shown, taking care of the
W6BXN Repeater System.

The following Amateurs became Silent Keys since the last report: Mario
W6FMC, John KK6DIG, Suzanne KD6ANX, Jerry WB6ZTI, Gary K6RYD and Sandi
They will be missed.

SJV Section ORS/FOR 2015 Traffic Report: [Oct 2015]
Call            Total 
------       ------- 
w6sx           51 
ws6p         751 
k6rau          17
-------      ------
Sum:         819
SJV Section PSHR/FOR Reports:          [Oct 2015] 
Call         (T)
--------    ------   
w6sx         65 
ws6p       190 
k6rau        85
Mark your Calendars:   

01/17/2016 | Quartzfest 2016 
Location: Quartzsite, AZ
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: QuartzFest Planning Committee
02/19/2016 | Southwestern Division Convention (Yuma Hamfest) 
Location: Yuma, AZ
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: Yuma Amateur Radio Hamfest Organization
03/12/2016 | Hamfest 2016 
Location: Loomis, CA
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Sierra Foothills Amateur Radio Club
03/12/2016 | Palm Springs Hamfest 
Location: Palm Springs, CA
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Desert R.A.T.S. ARC
04/29/2016 | Nevada State Convention (NVCON) 
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: Las Vegas Radio Amateur Club
06/03/2016 | Northwestern Division Convention (SEA-PAC) 
Location: Seaside, OR
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: Oregon Tualatin Valley ARC
06/18/2016 | Santa Maria Radio Swapfest 
Location: Orcutt, CA
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Satellite ARC

Need to take an Amateur exam? Are you having an exam? Check the ARRL
web page, for exam information.
You can also search for Amateur Radio Classes in your area and register
your exam. Instructors can also register classes there.
Card Checking in the Section: You can get cards checked for awards
within the section. W6XK, K6ZZ, and W6DPD can check your cards for DXCC
in accordance with the rules for field checking. DXCC card checkers may
now check cards dated from Nov 15, 1945, including Deleted DXCC
Entities. K6ZZ can now check 160 Meter Cards. DXCC card checkers may,
at their discretion, check cards for WAS, WAC, and VUCC. W6DPD and K6ZZ
can check cards for the CQ Awards, WAZ, DX, Field, and Prefixes. The
card checkers may also check applications for the IARU Region 2 Award.
ARRL Special Service Clubs may appoint a HF awards manager for WAS and
a VHF Awards Manager for VUCC.
The Webinar by Hank Garretson, W6SX, has been posted to the WWROF
webpage ( under the Webinars link.  Hanks presentation
will be of particular interest to "Little Pistols" and those who are
space limited.  He added a link to the elevation plot which can be
viewed at  It's worth checking out!  Also
the Ladder Snaps in the presentation can be found at You can e-mail Hank at for additional details.

The K6RAU (our Traffic Manager) Morse Code Instruction Course is
available at or
No need to know a "dit" from a "dah", simply with paper and pencil, and
following the instructions.
CWops Tests are held weekly – Every Wednesday at 1300Z, 1900Z, and
0300Z (Thursday). Info and rules at . 

San Joaquin Valley Nets:
The Noontime net meets on 7.268.5 MHz. This net handles a lot of
Daytime Region 6 Traffic Net meets daily at 3:30 pacific time on or
near 7.275 MHZ. This one is probable not in operation at this time.
The California Traffic Net meets daily on 3.906 MHZ and 6:00 PM local
The Golden Bear Amateur Radio Net meets nightly at 7:00 PM local time
on 3.975 MHZ. 
Northern California Net (NCN), the Section Traffic Net, meets nightly
on 3.533 MHZ at 7 PM Pac Time. 
San Joaquin Net meets Monday-Saturday on 3918khz, at 6 PM Pacific
Western Public Service System (WPSS) meets nightly on 3952khz, roll -
at 7:30 PM local Pacific Time.
The Mission Trail Net meets nightly on 3.856 MHZ at 8:00 PM local
Northern California Net 2 (NCN2) The slow speed training session of
NCN, meets nightly on 3.533 MHZ at 9 PM Pacific Time. Handling traffic
on CW is a good way to improve your CW skills.

ARRL San Joaquin Valley Section
Section Manager: Dan Pruitt, AE6SX

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