SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY SECTION Report for the month of July 2015

SM Dan Pruitt, AE6SX- ASMs K6YK and N2NS, ACC W6DPD, SEC KF6FIR, OOC N1VM, STM K6RAU, PIC vacant, TC W6TE.


Everyone back from vacation? Time to start school again and even old

ops like me are learning new stuff.


We need a Public Information Coordinator (PIC). Someone who would like

to interact with hams, the public and myself! Please contact me. Soon

would be nice. Recommendations are welcome.




We are into August and looking at September so let me stress some items

while we still have some time. First is community service projects and

demonstrations. We need to be more visible to the public and to those

who will need to find us during a communications event. If you do not

already have a PIO in your club or group, have someone perform those

tasks and enlighten the next echelon to assist and assume the position

in the future. Done correctly, the Public will beat a path to your

door. Now you need to be able to receive them with open arms.

Remember, in serving the community, there are other ways to help

besides communications. Very satisfying. Plus you get to play radio!




Next is fun. The San Joaquin Valley Section’s “Rally in the

Valley” is now an ARRL Sanctioned Event. September 19, we will have

it again in Fresno. Although centered geographically, it is my

intention to move it around the section in the future. There will

still be Public Service Communications as an established component.

This will include exhibitions, best practices and the Cal OES mobile

unit (MAGU) and demonstration of its purpose, thanks to Mutual Aid

Region Five (MAR-V). All are invited to show off their style of HAM

Radio. Club projects, best practices, and even Ham trivia in a

Jeopardy-like game with prizes. Oh yes, there has to be a swap meet,

hi hi.




Finally, but very important; The Amateur Radio Parity Act is moving

forward, but we all need to help out. If you have not gotten your

letter to your representatives and Senators, then go to:


There you will find the status of the 2 bills in congress, who to

contact and how. It will also give you the exact wording and what they

are intended to accomplish. If you know a Ham that is not a member of

ARRL, at least get this link to them.


Many thanks.






Dan Pruitt, AE6SX





NEWS: From ARRL newsletters. Read complete articles from July to now.



07/14/2015 | Remotely Controlled VY1AAA Put Northern Territories on the

Air for Field Day, Canada Day   NT Section



07/17/2015 | ARRL Complains to FCC About The Home Depot s Marketing of

RF Lighting Devices



07/20/2015 | Website Undergoing Major Upgrade



07/20/2015 | ARRL Board Approves Dues Hike, HF Band Plan, 2016 National

Parks Centennial Event


Meeting over the weekend in Windsor, Connecticut, the ARRL Board of

Directors has approved a $10 increase in the League’s annual dues

rate, effective January 1, 2016.



07/21/2015 | ARISS Offering Certificate for Receiving Apollo-Soyuz

Mission SSTV Images


Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) is offering a

certificate to anyone who received slow-scan TV images during the

Apollo-Soyuz mission 40th anniversary event, July 18-19.

Learn More



07/23/2015 | FCC Proposes Fining Georgia Ham $1000 for Failing to




07/24/2015 | FCC Shows No Mercy, Sustains $22,000 Fine for Egregious

On-Air Behavior by Michigan Licensee



07/25/2015 | AMSAT-NA, AMSAT-DL, and Virginia Tech Announce Potential

Phase 3E Opportunity


Virginia Tech has approached the US Government to fly the Phase 3E

space frame into high-Earth orbit (HEO) in order to support scientific

payloads as well as serve as an Amateur Radio satellite.



07/28/2015 | Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 Gains Momentum, Cosponsor

List Tops 90



07/29/2015 | HAARP Facility Will Be Transferred to the University of

Alaska-Fairbanks on August 11


HAARP — the High Frequency Active Auroral Program — will transfer

from military into academic hands next month.


07/29/2015 | Amateur Radio Vanity Call Sign Fee to Disappear in

September 3



08/04/2015 | Additional ARRL Books Now Available as E-Books



08/05/2015 | Chinese Amateur Radio Satellites Set to Launch in Early






+ Maryland-DC QSO Party

1600Z, Aug 8 to 0400Z, Aug 9 and

1600Z-2400Z, Aug 9

+ 50 MHz Fall Sprint

2300Z, Aug 8 to 0300Z, Aug 9


0000Z-0800Z, Aug 15 and

1600Z-2400Z, Aug 15 and

0800Z-1600Z, Aug 16

+ ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest

0600 local, Aug 15 to 2400 local, Aug 16

+ Russian District Award Contest

0800Z, Aug 15 to 0800Z, Aug 16

+ Keyman’s Club of Japan Contest

1200Z, Aug 15 to 1200Z, Aug 16

+ North American QSO Party, SSB

1800Z, Aug 15 to 0559Z, Aug 16

+ CVA DX Contest, CW

2100Z, Aug 15 to 2100Z, Aug 16

+ SARL HF Digital Contest

1300Z-1630Z, Aug 16

+ ARRL Rookie Roundup, RTTY

1800Z-2359Z, Aug 16

+ NCCC RTTY Sprint

0145Z-0215Z, Aug 21

+ Hawaii QSO Party

0400Z, Aug 22 to 0400Z, Aug 24

+ Ohio QSO Party

1600Z, Aug 22 to 0400Z, Aug 23

+ CVA DX Contest, SSB

2100Z, Aug 22 to 2100Z, Aug 23

+ RSGB 80m Club Sprint, SSB

1900Z-2000Z, Aug 27

+ NCCC RTTY Sprint

0145Z-0215Z, Aug 28

+ ALARA Contest

0400Z-1359Z, Aug 29 and

0400Z-1359Z, Aug 30

+ YO DX HF Contest

1200Z, Aug 29 to 1200Z, Aug 30

+ W/VE Islands QSO Party

1200Z, Aug 29 to 0300Z, Aug 30

+ SCC RTTY Championship

1200Z, Aug 29 to 1159Z, Aug 30

+ Kansas QSO Party

1400Z, Aug 29 to 0200Z, Aug 30 and

1400Z-2000Z, Aug 30

+ North American SSB Sprint Contest

0000Z-0400Z, Aug 30

+ SARL HF CW Contest

1300Z-1630Z, Aug 30



September 2015

+ NRAU 10m Activity Contest

1700Z-1800Z, Sep 3 (CW) and

1800Z-1900Z, Sep 3 (SSB) and

1900Z-2000Z, Sep 3 (FM) and

2000Z-2100Z, Sep 3 (Dig)

+ QRP Fox Hunt

0100Z-0230Z, Sep 4

+ NCCC RTTY Sprint Ladder

0145Z-0215Z, Sep 4

+ NCCC Sprint

0230Z-0300Z, Sep 4

+ G3ZQS Memorial Straight Key Contest

2300Z, Sep 4 to 2300Z, Sep 6

+ ARRL EME Contest

0000Z, Sep 5 to 2359Z, Sep 6

+ Russian RTTY WW Contest

0000Z-2359Z, Sep 5

+ All Asian DX Contest, Phone

0000Z, Sep 5 to 2400Z, Sep 6

+ CWOps CW Open

0000Z-0359Z, Sep 5 and

1200Z-1559Z, Sep 5 and

2000Z-2359Z, Sep 5

+ Wake-Up! QRP Sprint

0600Z-0629Z, Sep 5 and

0630Z-0659Z, Sep 5 and

0700Z-0729Z, Sep 5 and

0730Z-0800Z, Sep 5

+ RSGB SSB Field Day

1300Z, Sep 5 to 1300Z, Sep 6






CLOVIS ARP ++ CARP Summer Sizzler took to the hills! New venue in a

mountain picnic area takes a few degrees off the summer torment. Fun

Food and Radio, what more do you need, says Rob AE6GE, club Pres. Next

T-Hunt is September. Check out past hunts and schedule at . The “Camp a long”

takes them further into the mountains to play radio on August 14 to 16.

The CA QSO Party from San Luis Reservoir in October.




FRESNO ARC++   VP Ken WA6OIB is hosting the club picnic on 22 Aug.

Recently Jerry, K6PKO has added a complete Heath station to one of his

many operating positions. Excellent program by Raul Moreno Jr., about

Off-Highway Vehicle Program, Sierra National Forest, High Sierra Ranger





KINGS Co. ARC ++   Pres. Ed KA6PNL, in a meeting at the weather

station, alluded to some issues with the club repeater and various

sponsors. There is an ongoing problem in allowing access to the site.



LODI ARC ++   Jason, KE5JTS discussed the 2 meter net and 10 meter

nets. Suggested nets for 6 Meter and 220 MHz bands. Ron N6GKJ,

presented a program on Emergency Communications.   Very informative and




LOS BANOS ARC ++ George, W6YD presents the Frequency advertising Pizza

night! Lots of pictures of the July meeting.




SIERRA ARC ++ Mike, WA6ARA includes some fine pictures of the Club

Bar-B-Que, Field Day and an antenna party. Meeting starts at 7 PM from

now on. The INTERNET can be a great resource. One is this is a

ham radio encyclopedia. .



SEQUOIA ARG ++ Pete W6SV, gives good advise regarding Flash Floods.

Many accounts of the in climate weather. On a site seeing tour, a

most interesting was the Ad for a Bakersfield Chiropractor on the back

of a program. You’ll get a kick out of his using a “wonderful new

instrument operating on the

principle of radio” says Al N6ALP.


STOCKTON DELTA ARC ++ The Flysheet is full of great ham stuff. Field

Day description, El mering with Manteca, and Lodi Clubs. News about

the US Navy’s rouge PCSat NO-44 that is blasting Europe every hour.

Steve Alred K6SCA who was awarded “Top Score Rookie Effort” from

2014 CQP. They are looking to 2015! Planning for “Ham Radio in the

Park currently working..




TULARE CO. ARC ++ Technician Class will start in Aug 2015. Same day

as the meeting.




TURLOCK ARC ++ General Meeting: August 11.




The following Amateurs became Silent Keys since the last report:

Dennis “Frenchy”, KF6GJB, and Shirley, KB6BSF


They will be missed.


Traffic for July 2015:


ORS: W6SX 4 WS6P 844, K6RAU 12 Total 860


PSHR: W6SX 77 WS6P 135, K6RAU 79




Mark your Calendars:





09/11/2015 | Southwestern Division Convention (Hamcon 2015)


Location: Torrance, CA

Sponsor: Los Angeles Area Council of Amateur Radio Clubs & Orange

County Council of Amateur Radio Organizations






09/19/2015 | San Joaquin Valley Section Convention (Rally in the



Location: Fresno, CA

Type: ARRL Convention

Sponsor: ARRL and SATERN

Public Contact: Dan Pruitt , AE6SX




09/19/2015 | Ninth Annual Sacramento Valley Hamfest


Location: Lincoln, CA

Sponsor: Western Placer Amateur Radio Club






10/16/2015 | Pacific Division Convention (PACIFICON 2015)


Location: San Ramon, CA

Sponsor: Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club




ARRL San Joaquin Valley Section

Section Manager: Dan Pruitt, AE6SX



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