Museum Ship Weekend – USS Lucid

Below is the info for the Museum Ship registered in San Joaquin Section.
 This weekend N6MSO will continue to remind us that all contribute in
times of strife and WWII is remembered here.  She is the USS Lucid in
Stockton, an ocean going minesweeper of the type built in Stockton
during WWII.

"...Check out more info and pictures from last year at  ..  

The Lucid Radio Group will broadcast from the ship’s site at 3100
Monte Diablo Avenue, Stockton, CA. 
see ya there....

Museum Ship Weekend 2015
The USS Lucid Radio Group has been working diligently to prepare for
the June 5-6-7 weekend where we will fill the air waves with "CQ CQ CQ
from N6MSO" . 

Come join us any time from Friday eve to Sunday morning.

Paul N6KZW    

talk in W6SF  147.165 PL107.2 ..."


Thank you Paul!


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