Amazing Views from the Balloon Flight

From: wa6zty

Last  Saturday, I was part of the Space Exploration Society at Berkeley’s Pi
Day (3/14/15) Near Space Balloon Flight.  It launched from  the main glade
(in front of Doe Library) carrying my ham radio  GPS tracker, an action
camera, and our hopes for a good launch  to over 100,000 feet (above sea

What resulted is an AWESOME flight up to 102,000 feet and a  successful
recovery the next day (ask me in-person about the  FAILED recovery the

Anyway, here are some Quicktime videos to meditate upon prior to  your
launch into Portal this evening.  It’s amazing how  quiet things get just a
few hundred feet above the  ground.  And of course sound is a very different
thing  when the air is REALLY REALLY thin.  OK, without further adieu:

Pi Day Near Space Balloon Flight

Stills and Video

Obviously the first video is the launch  itself.  The launch prep takes most
of the video, but if  you forward to 13:40, the Count-down is about to

See you on the launch pad!

expansive  adventures!

PS –  There will be more launches to Near  Space!

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