CARS members,

A friends’ remembrance….by Greg Gran W6UQK

KD6WYV Dr Karoly (Charles) Szabo became a silent key (SK) March 27,
2013 at 94 years old. Charles was a long time member of CARS, Inc.

“I met him over 22 years ago & remember our first conversation vey well.
He was from Hungary and was a Communication Officer in the Hungarian
Service. He spoke several language’s & mentioned how they had a
communication site set up to listen in on information being sent to
Hitler during WW11. So, already knowing morse code, I encourage him to
join our radio club & I would elmer him.

After obtaining his General license he went on to get his Extra. To get
him on the air, we put up a J-pole , a 75-meter Dipole, & later with the
help from his neighbor we put up a large Rhombic. He was active on the
2-meter Monday nite Net, and 15 & 20-meters with schedules in South
America, Canada, and a daily weather report on 75-meters to the Calif
Weather Service.

Because of his importance of staying in contact with his native
Hungarian’s, he would come to my house, get on the computer and make
contacts with Hams in Hungary.

I was very proud to be his friend, and will always remember the wisdom
he gave to me.

Greg Gran W6UQK, Angels Camp


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  1. I remember Charles on the fist 160m net I checked into for a while. He apparently was a regular on that net and everybody was fond of him and enjoyed speaking with him regularly on that net. We’ll miss you, OM.

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